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The prioritized use of funds raised is to grow the IP portfolio around RP301, the lead candidate of ReceptorPharma, to complete the non-clinical studies required to file RP301 as an investigational new drug (IND) at the FDA and to start the clinical study program. The patent in which RP301 is disclosed is pending since July 2022.

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About Receptor Pharma

Time Period: Open investment until february 20
Stock value: $ 0,1 per Stock.
Equity raise: Total $5 million / 50 000 000 Stocks. Company 500 000 000 Stock total.
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Receptor Pharma is a pharmaceutical company. Its new, proprietary drug candidate RP301 is developed to halt the progression of Alzheimer Disease through the inhibition of a recently discovered signaling pathway. With this approach Receptor Pharma differentiates itself from the AD treatment that recently received (provisional) FDA approval as this drug only treats the effects of the disease, while RP301 inhibits the mechanism causing AD.

Receptor Pharma has secured patent protection around molecules based on a compound recently identified as a ligand for a GPCR that is very strongly correlated to the progression of the pathology of Alzheimer diseases. 

Receptor Pharma is taking an approach that utilizes this newly identified pathway and mechanism circumventing/ avoiding the side effects seen in other, failing AD drug candidates. The R&D started in 0ct 2017 we are 4 y ers ahead of the curve and have been able to secure the scientific support from kOL in the fields of the pathology of Alzheimers  


The Alzheimer’s disease diagnostics and therapeutics market was valued at USD 6,632.82 million in 2020, and it is expected to reach approximately USD 9,073 million in 2026, registering a CAGR of nearly 5.36% during the forecast period, 2021-2026.
Fastest Growing Market: Asia Pacific
Largest Market: North America
CAGR: 5.36 %

Study Period: 2018-2026.

To help accelerate discovery, the Coalition Against Major Diseases (CAMD), an alliance of pharmaceutical companies, nonprofit foundations and government advisers, has forged a first-of-its-kind partnership to share data from Alzheimer’s clinical trials. Receptor Pharma is committed to the CAMD initiative and to share our non-clinical and clinical findings in the public domain in a timely manner.

Receptor Pharma has validated the pathological significance of

the receptor that is targeted by RP301 in Alzheimer Diseases.


Receptor Pharma is an established US delaware company.

Receptor Pharma will develop collaborations with other

stakeholders in the development of AD treatments, financing its

research program via crowd/Angel/VC/partnering funding as well

as the sale of commercialization licenses for launch-ready drug

products to mid-size of big pharma companies.

Receptor Pharma needs funding to show that our unique approach

with RP301 alters the course of Alzheimer Disease.

Receptor Pharma will use raised funds to complete the non-clinical

development program and file for an IND within the upcoming

24 months.

Receptor Pharma is seeking up to US$ 15m for this development
stage of RP301 in return for equity in the company.

Fast-tracked timeline with less risk than traditional discovery routes, which is key to attract.


Receptor Pharma own’s IP that protects RP301 

Receptor Pharma is a pharmaceutical start up with blockbuster potential

The drug candidate, RP-301 is known to be safe in humans at high dose levels acts at the target receptor protein that is responsible for the overproduction of the destructive beta-amyloid plaques and tau-tangles in the brain (non-clinical in vitro proof of concept in place)


Multiple-Exit points already within 18 / 30 months:

Exit points: 

  • Completion of clinical POC of RP30X Q1 2025 
  • Start of Ph II of RP301 Q3 2026 
  • Sale of commercialization licenses for RP301 Q1 2028 sales

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Breaking away from big pharma, modern biotechnology continues to make significant contributions to extending the human lifespan and improving quality of life, including providing products and therapies to combat diseases. Novel approaches are using plant based therapeutics or our own metabolites to beat the autoimmune disease, biotech also includes generating higher crop yields, and using bio mass to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reasons To Invest

  • Cannabis  Pharmaceuticals is in the infancy stage, and we have an early mover’s advantage. With filed patents and novel pathology.
  • FDA Approval path is capital + human capital intensive, which provides a high barrier to entry. But the safety of our molecules that are derived of bio substances and only one biosynthesis to achieve   
  • ReceptorPharma Ventures’ business model is dual track (FDA Pipeline + Nutraceutical Sales) to help reduce overall cash burn until Approval (or Investment Exit).
  • We are aiming to become a semi-natural and effective first  in class  for today’s large Alzheimer’s medication.
  • Large Total Addressable Market – $16B+ in annual sales.

Frågor & Svar

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Research “the idea”  RP301, the lead candidate of Receptor Pharma directly effects…. through a biological protein that belongs to a class of receptors that is successfully used as a drug target. This signaling pathway and its significance in AD has only recently been discovered. By using this novel approach, the safety issues behind the failure of earlier drug candidates are eliminated. The fact that ca 35% of all the FDA-approved drugs act through these receptors, highlights their therapeutic and commercial importance

The business rationale – RP301 and CBD belong to the same chemical class. However, Receptor Pharma was able to define free IP space for RP301 as a new chemical entity and, through its actions via well-defined pathway, its treatment of AD. Therefore, RP301 combines a safety and straightforward development pathway with the exclusivity that gives it a Blockbuster/Unicorn potential Blockbuster / Unicornvpotential – funds obtained are used to enable fast-track into IND and clinical POC. First exit opportunity after finalization of clinical POC for RP301

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